Skoda Unveils Its New Design Language with Vision 7S

Skoda Unveils Its New Design Language with Vision 7S

The automobile world has come of age. During the transition from internal combustion engines to alternative fuels, especially the use of electric motors has taken automobile designs to another dimension. With new technologies, solutions that can now perform many functions have been created. Skoda was one of the brands that went through radical change. The first visible fruit of the change is Vision 7S, introduced as a concept.

While developing technology changes automobiles in terms of equipment, comfort and safety, it is also possible to see major innovations in terms of design. With LED and laser headlight technologies, there is no longer a need for halogen headlights with huge mirrors. Therefore, when we look at the new generation cars, we see much smaller and more characteristic headlight designs.

In addition, with the introduction of the electric motor, there is no longer a need for cooling liquid. Therefore, electric cars do not have a radiator. However, the front design of the new generation electric cars does not include grilles. Instead, the radars of adaptive cruise control and accident prevention systems are hidden in the front design of new cars.

Electric motors used in automobiles can produce tremendous power. However, the electricity demand of engines that produce such high power is correspondingly high. It is not possible to say that battery technology has kept pace with the rapid development of the electric car industry. Therefore, automobile manufacturers are looking for various ways to consume less electricity. One of these ways is to reduce the drag coefficient of cars by improving their aerodynamics. This causes us to encounter designs that we are not used to.

Almost all brands in the automobile world have started to implement these new developments. Skoda will apply all these innovations in its new cars with its new design language called "Modern Solid". The first example of the “Modern Solid” design language was the Vision 7S, a concept model. Although this model is introduced as a concept, it is very likely to be mass produced. In this respect, it is a serious trailer for the models we will see from now on from Skoda.

The new brand logo, one of Skoda's sharpest changes, was seen for the first time on the Vision 7S model. Thus, Skoda showed how much importance it attaches to this model. Vision 7S, an electric car, carries all the technological innovations in the automobile world. The first car with the new design language adopted by Skoda will come off the line in 2024. These cars are expected to be Octavia and SuperB.

It is said that the Vision 7S, which was introduced as a concept, can go into mass production in 2026. Vision 7S is a 7-seater SUV model. Skoda, which continues to focus on the SUV, which is the most preferred car body in the world, decided that its most innovative model will be an SUV. When we look at the current Skoda models, it seems that they are similar to the Kodiaq for Vision 7S.

It is possible to say that the interior of the Skoda Vision 7S has also had its share of technological developments. The minimalist design brought about by the trend of controlling all hardware from a single screen is also evident in the Vision 7S model. Although some analog buttons such as climate control stand out in the first images published, the interior design of the vehicle is dominated by large digital screens both on the instrument panel and in the multimedia section.

Although the changing design approach with technological developments has led to the emergence of similar cars, the Skoda Vision 7S has already started to arouse curiosity. Vision 7S, which will be Skoda's largest car, will have a competitive place in the new trend luxury SUV class.

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