Pickup RAM 1500 Revolution Like a Tank

Pickup RAM 1500 Revolution Like a Tank

Apart from bicycles and automobiles, pickup trucks are among the other vehicles that have adapted to electrification so quickly. The new RAM 1500 Revolution adds a different dimension to this.

Undoubtedly, it would not have been possible without the electric update for the pickup trucks that Americans, who have wide and big roads, never stop using. RAM 1500 Revolution, the live version of this revolution, fascinates those who see it.

RAM 1500 Revolution, one of the most popular models of the CES 2023 fair, promises to be a star in its category. It's a star thanks to its extraordinary design, technologies and features.

Although the design currently shown at the fair is no more than a concept, the design of the model that will be released will be very close to it. With its LED-festive front and rear design, it will be the eye-catcher of the street, day or night.

In the model, where the biggest design change is experienced in the glass ceiling, a different atmosphere is experienced in the interior with LED ambience lighting. In addition to this atmospheric interior, autonomous driving features also reflect the advanced side of technology.

RAM, which is also assertive about its fully electric engine, wants to avoid waiting long hours for charging times in the future. So much so that the new RAM 1500 Revolution can have a driving range of 160 km with a 10-minute charge.

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