Legendary Japanese Cars That Time Has Never Worn Out

Legendary Japanese Cars That Time Has Never Worn Out

Japanese cars are generally known for their durability and practicality. However, the preference of Japanese cars in the tuning world has caused car enthusiasts to increase their interest in Japanese. So much so that some models have already entered the young classic class and have already increased their value.

Nissan GT-R R34

When legendary Japanese cars are mentioned, many models come to mind. However, with the influence of the Fast and Furious movie watched by millions of viewers around the world, the most striking model among Japanese cars was undoubtedly the Nissan GT-R R34.

R34, which has a truly iconic design, has become a favorite of automobile enthusiasts around the world, unlike its previous series such as R32 and R33, which did not attract much attention. So much so that in many countries, including our country, many people who wanted to own an R34 converted some cars using R34 parts, since this was almost impossible.

Features such as its rear taillights, sedan-coupe-shaped body, and its propensity for engine and body modifications have made the Nissan GT-R R34 the dream car of many car lovers around the world.

Toyota Supra

Toyota Supra, just like Nissan GT-R, became one of the models that became famous with the Fast and Furious movie. But it wasn't just its fame in the movie that made it one of the hottest Japanese high-performance cars. Toyota Supra has become one of the most popular cars among car enthusiasts, thanks to its 2jz engine.

The 2jz engine, which entered the automobile world with the Toyota Supra, did not actually have an incredibly impressive performance when it left the factory. However, when tuning enthusiasts discovered it, it suddenly became one of the most sought-after engines with its potential. Due to the gentleman's agreement between Japanese automobile manufacturers in those years, the Toyota Supra equipped with 2JZ was a car with 280 horsepower. But things changed when the engine started to be tampered with.

Toyota engineers carried out an incredible research and development work while developing the 2jz engine. As a result of this work, an unbreakable engine, as it is called in the automobile world, emerged. Although the engine known as 2jz has incredible potential, it was offered for sale as an engine that produced much less power than this potential. However, tuning enthusiasts quickly turned it into a monster producing more than 1000 horsepower with some changes.

Toyota Supra has become a car that can be considered a young classic all over the world. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of Supras in our country. For this reason, it is one of the most valuable cars.

Honda NSX

Perhaps one of the rarest items among Japanese cars was the Honda NSX. He neither became a movie star nor a favorite of show-off enthusiasts like a Ferrari. However, undoubtedly one of the most iconic models in automobile history was the Honda NSX.

When it comes to super sports cars, Japanese cars never come to mind first. A Ferrari or Lamborghini  has always been much more popular than Japanese cars. However, Honda, known for its daily-use cars such as the Civic, has a model that was not appreciated at the time and is now a work of art that cannot be found even if you look for it.

Honda NSX has only been sold in 18 thousand units at all times. Competitor super sports cars can easily reach these figures within a few months. This data also shows that NSX never received the value it deserved. It took quite a long time for car enthusiasts to notice it, and now it was too late. Perhaps, among the cars we have included in our article, the Honda NSX will be the car you are least likely to see in your lifetime.

In fact, although it was seen as a complete super sports car, the NSX did not actually have a very impressive power with its 6-cylinder engine producing 274 horsepower. This engine power, which we can find even in an ordinary car nowadays, was low at that time, and perhaps that is why no one saw it as a successful sports car. However, what made it a work of art was that it was also a marvel of engineering.

Subaru İmpreza

Although Subaru is not as popular as others in our country, it is one of the most successful Japanese cars. Of course, the model that carries Subaru's fame is Impreza. It was loved by car enthusiasts of almost every generation. Its speed and durability made it one of the most popular cars. Subaru's engine, which is very suitable for modification, has also led to its widespread use around the world. In addition, its successes in rally races made it one of the legendary Japanese cars.

Mitsubishi Evo

It must be admitted that Mitsubishi is not the first brand that comes to mind when Japanese cars are mentioned. However, when Evo is mentioned, the flow stops. Like all Japanese, Mitsubishi is known in the automobile world as one of the trouble-free and durable brands.

Mitsubishi, which designs relatively simpler and more useful models and produces cars for use in daily life, seems to have wanted to show friends and enemies what it can actually do with the Evo series. Although all the cars of the Evo series are very fast and attractive cars, when it comes to becoming a legend, no one can beat the Mitsubishi Evo VI Tommi Makinen.

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