Second Battery Facility Investment from Stellantis and Samsung SDI to the USA

Second Battery Facility Investment from Stellantis and Samsung SDI to the USA

Stellantis, one of Europe's major automotive manufacturers, is preparing to open its second battery facility in the USA with Samsung SDI. 

Stellantis Group, which includes brands such as Citroen, Peugeot and Opel, continues its investments in electric vehicles without slowing down. So much so that, following the agreement made with Samsung, one of the technology giants, a $3.2 billion collaboration was achieved for the second battery production facility in the USA. 

The battery production facility, which is planned to start production from the beginning of 2027, will have a capacity of 34 gigawatts. This project, which is expected to create employment for 1400 people, increases the employment rate to 2800 when combined with the other facility. 

In the statement made by Stellantis North America COO Mark Stewart, "We are establishing our sixth giant factory in Kokomo, in cooperation with our partners Samsung SDI, the State of Indiana and the City of Kokomo. The battery electric vehicles (BEV) we offer with our North American brands are clean, safe and reliable for everyone." “It plays a key role in our drive to deliver affordable mobility and achieve the net zero carbon target by 2038.” He explained his goals by saying. 

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