More than a Car Peugeot Inception Concept

More than a Car Peugeot Inception Concept

Interesting car models continue to arrive from the CES fair, where cars and their future are informed. The latest example of this was the Peugeot Inception Concept.

Innovative technologies and designs continue to come to light at the CES 2023 fair. At the fair, where brands share their tips about their future, many interesting models come to light.

Peugeot, on the other hand, already stood out as a brand with assertive designs. Taking this further within the scope of the fair, the brand managed to become the center of attention with its Inception Concept model.

When we talk about new generation cockpit design, headlights, interior and more, we understand that the future is about to come. Peugeot officials manage to excite us by announcing that they will use the features they have already introduced in their models starting from 2025.

In the concept model, the features are wide open. The model, which is 5 meters long, operates entirely on electricity. This opens the way for more living space in the interior.

The Inception Concept model offers a range of 800 km with fully charged batteries, and a range of 150 km will be gained with a 5-minute charge.

The acceleration time of this long-range engine from zero to hundreds is under 3 seconds. This makes it stand out against many sports cars. We are already wondering which features of the model, which maintains its claim with its innovative interior design, will be used in our daily lives.

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