BMW i Vision Dee Era Begins

BMW i Vision Dee Era Begins

BMW has greatly exaggerated the age of technology. The concept model i Vision Dee, which can talk, change color and do much more, will be on the roads in 2025.

Interesting designs and technologies continue to meet people at the CES 2023 Fair held in Las Vegas. But there is one of them that offers users technologies that will take them to a completely different place in the automobile world.

The concept model named i Vision Dee produced by BMW gave very interesting answers to the question of what is most expected from a car.

The design of the concept model, which can change color, talk and be personalized with an avatar, is also unusual. The aim of this new car, which BMW calls Digital Emotional Experience, is to create a car that can be fully personalized by users.

For example, you can instantly use 32 different exterior color options. In addition, themes are also available. Apart from this, there are touch-sensitive sensors, adaptive and autonomous driving modes, cameras and much more.

When we come to the part that will be on the roads in 2025, which we mentioned at the beginning of the article, it is of course not possible to see such a BMW model on the roads. BMW, which will show the features offered in the concept on existing models, has already excited us.

So what do you think about the New BMW i Vision Dee?

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