Germans Oppose Tesla's New Factory

Germans Oppose Tesla's New Factory

Local people opposed Tesla's factory expansion plan in Germany. The reason is that 250 decares of forest are threatened.

Tesla, the world's most popular electric car manufacturer, opened its factory in Berlin, Germany, in 2022.

The company is now working to expand this factory. However, residents of the Grünheide region, where Tesla's first automobile factory in Europe is located, oppose the factory's expansion plan.

The public was asked by local officials whether they approved the plan to expand Tesla's "giga factory", which would cover 160 hectares of forestland.

70 percent of Grünheide residents, whose population is less than 8,000, participated in the non-binding vote. While 3,499 residents of the region opposed the expansion plan, 1,882 supported it.

Tesla, owned by Elon Musk, was planning to build storage facilities and kindergartens for employees' children to increase the supply security of the factory in question.

It is claimed that Tesla's plan will lead to the cutting down of approximately 250 acres of forest.

While the intense water demand of the facility creates a distressing situation for those living in the region, which has been hit by drought in the last 5 years, it is stated that the expansion plan in question will also negatively affect the "water protection zone".

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