Xiaomi SU7 Received More Than 100 Thousand Orders

Xiaomi SU7 Received More Than 100 Thousand Orders

Chinese Xiaomi announced that it has received more than 100 thousand orders for its sports electric vehicle named SU7 and has started the first deliveries.

Xiaomi introduced its highly anticipated electric car at the event held on December 28.

The coupe electric car will be available under the name of the company's popular smartphone brand Mi and will come in three different versions: SU7, SU7 Pro and SU7 Max.

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has officially started orders for its first electric vehicle.

Xiaomi SU7 was offered for sale for 29 thousand 900 dollars, SU7 Pro for 34 thousand dollars and SU7 Max for 41 thousand 500 dollars.

According to the statement, orders for Xiaomi SU7, which managed to sell 50 thousand units in just 27 minutes, exceeded 100 thousand.

The first deliveries will be made of 5,000 vehicles that Xiaomi has already produced. The vehicles in this group, called "Founder's Edition", include additional accessories for the first customers who purchase the vehicle.

Following last week's introduction, Xiaomi warned customers that they might face a waiting period of four to seven months, pointing out that there was high demand for the vehicle.

Xiaomi said it will invest $10 billion in its vehicle business over the next 10 years. The car will be produced by Beijing Automotive Industry Holding (BAIC) on behalf of Xiaomi in China.

Its batteries, which have a driving range of up to 800 kilometers, are supplied by BYD, China's largest electric car manufacturer, as well as domestic battery giant CATL.

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