Skywell Will Invest in a Factory in Turkey

Skywell Will Invest in a Factory in Turkey

Will there be an investment from Chinese Skywell in Turkey, which is at the center of attention in terms of investments?

According to the statement made by the Chinese automobile manufacturer Skywell, Turkey senior manager Mahmut Ulubaş, Skywell announced that it has a 1.6 billion dollar investment plan to establish an automobile factory with a production capacity of 150 thousand automobiles in Turkey.

Speaking about the details, Ulubaş said, "We have made a lot of progress in choosing which province the factory will be in. We focused on the Marmara Region. Our negotiations continue on the Sakarya, Izmit and Yalova sides."

Explaining that the brand will launch 7 new models in Europe in the next five years, Skywell Turkey said, "Along with these 7 models, we have made great progress in the production of 2 models in Turkey. We are already carrying out the process through the Presidential Investment Office. We continue it together with the Ministry of Industry and Technology .

Our negotiations for the incentive package continue. We plan to apply by the end of December. We are currently about to complete the investment feasibility study requested by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. "After this, we will start investing," he said.

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