Rivian 2 Introduced Its New Model

Rivian 2 Introduced Its New Model

American electric vehicle startup Rivian introduced its new electric SUV models, which are significantly smaller than its first model.

American-based electric vehicle manufacturer Rivian, in which Amazon has made major investments, is shown as one of Tesla's biggest competitors, especially with its electric cars offering high range.

Rivian, known for its pick-up and SUV models that look like they came from the future with their technological appearance, introduced two new SUV models.

The cars called R2 and R3 have already excited SUV lovers.

With the new models, the annual production capacity of the company's Illinois factory is expected to increase from 150 thousand units to 215 thousand units.

According to the statement made by the US manufacturer, single, double and triple electric engine options of both SUV models will be offered to the consumers.

According to the statement, R2 and R3 share the same platform. R2 is expected to hit the roads in 2026, and the more affordable R3 is expected to hit the roads in 2028.

While the R2 is expected to be sold at prices starting from 45 thousand dollars in the USA and the R3 at prices starting from 40 thousand dollars, it is considered certain that both models will arrive in Europe.

R2, which will be available in single, double or triple engine versions and is reported to be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in under 3 seconds with its most powerful version, will come with a top range of 482 km.

Rivian R2, whose rear window can be opened like some of its competitors, will bring autonomous driving with 11 different cameras and five different sensors.

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