New Model DS Will Exceed 700 Km

New Model Ds Will Exceed 700 Km

DS, which has achieved a very successful graphic with its design and features, promises a considerable range in its new generation electric vehicles.  

Continuing to rapidly expand its electric car product portfolio, DS has already been on the roads with its electric cars since 2019. It offers its users the best performance of the rechargeable hybrid experience with its fully electric models named DS 3 E-TENSE and DS 4 E-TENSE, DS 7 E-TENSE, DS 9 E-TENSE. 

According to the statement made by the Stellantis Group, the new DS models, which will be produced on the Global M Platform, will be fully electric and will stand out with a driving range of more than 700 kilometers. 

DS, which will offer high values of 98 kWh in battery volume, will produce the cars in Italy. 

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