Complaints from Tesla Cybertruck Owners About Range

Complaints from Tesla Cybertruck Owners About Range

Tesla announced that customers are not satisfied with its legendary designed model Cybertruck, which is already on the roads very recently.

According to the details of the news, two customers who went on a long journey with Tesla Cybertruck mentioned that the range was much lower than the data announced by the factory and was extremely insufficient for a long trip.

Cybertruck, which became the center of attention with its design, remained on the agenda for a long time with its robustness and impressiveness.

According to Tesla, the base four-wheel drive version of the Cybertruck offers a range of 547 km, the more powerful CyberBeast model offers a range of 515 km, and the most affordable rear-wheel drive version, whose deliveries will begin in 2025, offers a range of up to 402 km on a single charge.

Cybertruck owners said that they traveled approximately 16 thousand km with an electric vehicle and that they could travel 332 km on a single charge under normal conditions.

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