One in three cars sold in 2030 will belong to Chinese brands

One in three cars sold in 2030 will belong to Chinese brands

Chinese automobile brands will continue their rise in the coming years. According to forecasts, by 2030, Chinese brands will account for 33 percent of the total market.

Recently, the rise of Chinese automobile manufacturers has begun to disturb some countries.

While some countries have decided to impose additional taxes on Chinese brands, experts are of the opinion that these measures cannot stop Chinese brands.

According to a new study, the market share of Chinese brands will rise to 33 percent by 2030.

In other words, one in every three cars sold in the next 6 years will be from Chinese brands.

According to estimates, these companies account for approximately 21 percent of today's market. The new study reveals that this growth will continue unabated.

Experts say that the profit margins of these manufacturers are very high, so they can continue to offer competitive prices despite such financial sanctions.

China, which took action after the USA imposed a 100 percent customs duty on Chinese electric vehicles, may retaliate. China also warned the European Union not to take the same action.

The EU's China Chamber of Commerce informed the EU about the 25 percent tariff threat.

If the tariffs come into force, difficult times may begin for US and EU automakers exporting internal combustion engine vehicles to China.

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