Germans are worried: Soften taxes on Chinese cars

Germans are worried: Soften taxes on Chinese cars

The EU Commission recently imposed additional taxes on electric vehicles imported from China. Germany reacted to the decision and asked for taxes to be reduced.

Recently, the rise of Chinese automobile manufacturers has begun to disturb some countries. The European Union (EU) wants to prevent this rise by imposing additional taxes on Chinese brands.

Recently, US President Joe Biden increased the 25 percent tax on Chinese electric vehicles to 100 percent and introduced some additional costs.

Türkiye and the European Union also decided to impose additional taxes on Chinese brands.

Germany wants the 38 percent tax to be applied to Chinese cars to be reduced.

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck said that there is still time to stop this upcoming tariff increase and that he will go to China next week to discuss the issue with government officials.

Germany's biggest concern is that China will retaliate following this decision of the EU.

If China takes a similar step; Manufacturers with large sales figures in China, such as Volkswagen, Mercedes and BMW, may be in a difficult situation and suffer major losses.

For example, vehicles such as the Mercedes S and G series imported from Europe to China may be significantly affected by the tax increase.

China had threatened retaliation against agriculture, aviation and large motor vehicles, saying it was deeply disappointed and firmly opposed to measures against electric vehicles.

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