Tesla announced: Fully autonomous driving tests will be held in China

Tesla announced: Fully autonomous driving tests will be held in China

Tesla chose China to test its most advanced autonomous driving software.

Nowadays, when the interest in electric cars is increasing, many companies are introducing their own electric cars.

These cars have the ability to drive themselves without a driver, thanks to their artificial intelligence technologies.

Tesla chose China as the pilot country for fully autonomous driving (FSD) technology.

This decision of Tesla shows the importance it attaches to China in terms of the proliferation of autonomous vehicles.

Tesla will first conduct tests near its factory in Shanghai. The company was allowed to start the first tests with 10 electric vehicles in this region.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk had previously shared that they could make fully autonomous driving technology available in China.

Some local governments in China have passed laws allowing mass-production vehicles with third- and fourth-level autonomous driving to be tested on public roads, albeit in geographically restricted areas.

The Level 5 autonomous system makes it possible for the driver to operate the vehicle in any area and under any condition without the need for the driver to take over control at any point.

Data from Tesla vehicles is constantly processed and used to create the models that FSD uses.

This data is analyzed on the company's own supercomputer and training of artificial intelligence is provided. This entire process is then transferred to Tesla models via remote update.

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