Fisker will sell its electric vehicles cheaply

İflas başvurusu yapmıştı: Fisker, elindeki elektrikli araçları ucuza satacak

Electric car manufacturer Fisker had officially filed for bankruptcy. The company is working to sell its remaining cars cheaply.

Things are not going well for the US electric car startup Fisker, which introduced its new models earlier this year.

The company, which had to suspend production for 6 months in the past months, paused investments in future projects until it established a partnership with an automobile manufacturer.

The expected end has come for the electric car manufacturer Fisker. The company officially filed for bankruptcy last month.

Although different automobile manufacturers took action to save Fisker, it had been talked about for a while that the company was in a big trouble and was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Fisker asked the court for permission to sell more than 3 thousand Ocean electric SUV models in its inventory at a very affordable price.

If Fisker receives the approval it requires, it will sell 3,231 Ocean SUV vehicles in its inventory to American Lease, a New York-based car rental company, for $46.25 million.

This means that the company will sell its cars for approximately 14 thousand dollars.

When Fisker first introduced the Ocean, it set a starting price of approximately 70 thousand dollars for this vehicle.

Although the company spent approximately 1 billion dollars on R&D and business activities in 2023, it sold only 4 thousand 929 cars.

In its bankruptcy filing, Fisker announced that it had assets between $500 million and $1 billion despite everything. The company currently has at least $1 billion in debt.

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