ELECTRIC KIA EV3 Introduced: Here is the price and features

ELECTRIC KIA EV3 Introduced: Here is the price and features

Kia EV3 was introduced in the form of the concept about six months ago. Kia EV3, like other members of the family, uses the brand's new design language.

EV3, which has the design elements of Kia's electric flagship EV9, was built on the E-GMP platform developed by the brand for electric vehicles.

A 12.3-inch instrument panel in the interior is a 12.3-inch display for the information-learning system, and a separate 5-inch touch screen for air conditioning controls between these two screens.

Although Kia EV3 uses the E-GMP platform, it uses 400 volts architecture. The standard model has a 58.3 kWh battery capacity, while the long -range model has a 81.4 kWh battery.

With this battery, the car can get 600 km range on a single charge compared to WLTP measurements.

The Kia EV3 can exit from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.5 seconds with the 201 horsepower (150 kW) engine. The latest speed of the car was limited to 170 km/h.

Kia EV3 will first be available in the South Korean market in July and then open to Europe and other markets in the second half of 2024.

The starting price of the car will be around 30 thousand dollars.

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